hi welcome !


sorry phone users, but this
website is not thought for you ! :(
go get a computer or something !!
idk how to make a responsive layout :P

to see what art is mine, inspect the image !
If i didn't make it,
u will find full credits there :)
I'll slowly update everthing to be made by me.
thanks !!!

bunnyi'm at soupbunny
lilhouse This is a website i made !!! I do all sort
of stuff here. I always wanted my own
webpage and i felt very nostalgic for
the early web so i sat my ass down
and started to learn codes !
This is the result so far.
Stick around if you wanna :3
Enjoy you stay !
Go on !!! STOP READING !!!

made in neomade in macfirefox certifiedexgif

[ Dec 26 23 ]

life is kicking me IN THE BALLS !!! Sorry for no updates but im trying to get my shit together. I will come back in sometime with a new review for Hades, the artworks page and new things for the cool stuff page. Thx for being patient with me :(

[ Sep 10 23 ]

The Soup Site has launched !!! wow i worked so hard on this i can't believe it's finally here. To celebrate i wrote a review of animal crossing, and it's VERY long so hopefully that can fill up a bit of the emptiness 'round here. Yeah the site is kinda empty atm but not for long ! I'll keep working on it in my spare time. Thanks everyone for checking the site out !! :)))

[ Aug 5 23 ]

This is the start of the website yay !! You will see when i update the site in this section.
PSA: the site is not live yet and nobody can see it. I still need to work on A LOT of stuff. I'm planning to launch it mid-september or something !

  • Oredo the logo
  • Ofix the color palette... i want more green ...
  • Oorganize the code better (and try not to break EVRYthang)
  • Ochange the cat 2 b maple
  • Ofix the directories lmao what are those
  • Ofuse togheter 'about things' and 'blog' in the nav
  • Omake maple & moenie a bit more present in other pages
  • Ofinish basic content for other pages. This place is hella empty
  • Oput webamp on cool stuff too
  • Omake the site button better... that was an EPIC fail... i literally spent 19 hours on that shit...
  • Omake moenie leaning on nav
  • Omake new favicon
  • Oput gifypets somewhere idk
  • Ofinish content for various places
  • Othis sucks
  • Onobody loves you
  • Oyawn
  • ---------------------------
featured artwork/webpage :3
bunnycheck out this video !!!bunny
link back if u wanna !

click 2 copy

click 2 copy

these look kinda like shit when displayed at 88x31 but i dont have the time to redo them atm :p

info point

~why is it 'soup' site?

soup is my favorite english word. there is literally no other reason. There isnt much soup in this website

~is Maple your sona?

no !!! she's the site keeper and friend o(>ω<)o!

~is Moenie your sona then ?

kinda ! I've drawn him to resemble myself but he's not really me,,, something like a self-insert maybe ?? up to u!!!

~can we exchange links ?

okay ! text me on discord or whatever u like idk

~do you have an art account ?

i dont ! i dont feel competent enough to share my projects on social media right now, but i def will in the future maybe :) Bookmark and stay tuned for that (if u r interested!)

~do u take commissions ?

if u REALLY like what i do, yes. Bugt im not as good at drawing as u think and your money is better spent elsewhere ! if ur still set, be warned that i might refuse or refund you if im not happy with the result,,, i hope u understand (シ_ _)シ

~can i draw fanart of your characters?

please do !!! and send it to me/tag me !!!

~are you okay